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Why are regulations so important in the Vaping Industry?

“Definition of Regulation: a rule or directive made and maintained by an authority” For years prior to the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive, the vaping industry was pretty much a free for all – full of products in all shapes and sizes. It can be described as the “cowboy era” where it wasn’t uncommon […]

Understanding Vaping Advertisement & Promotion

Vape Advertisements

Understanding Vaping Advertisement & Promotion Vaping products have become a mainstay of modern society and are touted to be an alternative to smoking that, as evidenced by Public Health England in 2015, contain 95% fewer harmful compounds than analogue cigarettes. Despite the difference in risk, vaping products often find themselves thrown in with long standing […]

Disposable Vapes – A Prosperous Future or Dangerous Fad?

Disposable Vapes – A Prosperous Future or Dangerous Fad? There is no denying that wherever you turn at the minute, we are faced with a multitude of Disposable Vapes. The bright colours and varied, enticing flavours have taken the UK by storm in recent months – but is this new trend creating a more attractive […]

UK Vape Regulations Explained

UK Vape Regulations Explained The vaping industry as a whole has been a rapidly changing landscape, owing largely to the incredible pace at which it has risen to public prominence. During the industry’s formative years, vaping businesses enjoyed a “wild west” period with little to no regulation in place, and no authority stepping forward to […]