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What are Nic Pouches? Are They Safe?

What are Nic Pouches?

What are Nic Pouches? Are They Safe? One of the most recent additions to next-generation nicotine delivery products are nicotine or ‘nic’ pouches. They are a new product, but they are utilitarian and simplistic in their design and function, especially when compared to potential competitors like e-cigarettes. They were slow to gain traction outside of […]

Understanding Vaping Advertisement & Promotion

Vape Advertisements

Understanding Vaping Advertisement & Promotion Vaping products have become a mainstay of modern society and are touted to be an alternative to smoking that, as evidenced by Public Health England in 2015, contain 95% fewer harmful compounds than analogue cigarettes. Despite the difference in risk, vaping products often find themselves thrown in with long standing […]