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UK Gov 2022 Vaping Review – The data defining future regulations

UK Gov Announces Vaping Evidence Update

The UK government has recently published (29th Sept 2022) the 8th in it’s series of annual reports reviewing e-cigarettes and related vaping products, summarising evidence for and against them to inform policies and regulations. The same reports that famously declared vaping to officially be 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco in 2015. Previously commissioned by […]

What are Nic Pouches? Are They Safe?

What are Nic Pouches?

What are Nic Pouches? Are They Safe? One of the most recent additions to next-generation nicotine delivery products are nicotine or ‘nic’ pouches. They are a new product, but they are utilitarian and simplistic in their design and function, especially when compared to potential competitors like e-cigarettes. They were slow to gain traction outside of […]

Understanding Vaping Advertisement & Promotion

Vape Advertisements

Understanding Vaping Advertisement & Promotion Vaping products have become a mainstay of modern society and are touted to be an alternative to smoking that, as evidenced by Public Health England in 2015, contain 95% fewer harmful compounds than analogue cigarettes. Despite the difference in risk, vaping products often find themselves thrown in with long standing […]

Review of UK Tobacco Law Published

UK Tobacco Law Reviewed

The UK Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) has published its long-awaited post-implementation review of the UK’s tobacco legislation, following the public consultation on the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR). What was Suggested at the Review? The public consultation received over 5,000 responses across a range of stakeholders. The main suggestions that were […]

Disposable Vapes – A Prosperous Future or Dangerous Fad?

Disposable Vapes – A Prosperous Future or Dangerous Fad? There is no denying that wherever you turn at the minute, we are faced with a multitude of Disposable Vapes. The bright colours and varied, enticing flavours have taken the UK by storm in recent months – but is this new trend creating a more attractive […]

Future Regulatory Services Limited joins the IBVTA

Future Regulatory Services Limited joins the Independent British Vape Trading Association (IBVTA) We are thrilled to announce that Future Regulatory Services Limited are now associate members of the Independent Vape Trading Association (IBVTA), with Managing Director, Lizi Jenkins, also joining the Steering Committee. Founded by some of the UK’s leading independent manufacturers, importers, distributors, and […]

UK Vape Regulations Explained

UK Vape Regulations Explained The vaping industry as a whole has been a rapidly changing landscape, owing largely to the incredible pace at which it has risen to public prominence. During the industry’s formative years, vaping businesses enjoyed a “wild west” period with little to no regulation in place, and no authority stepping forward to […]